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What Do They Say About Will?

Will has been a ‘go-to’ guy in the Senate on election issues. Not only has he been a leader on election legislation, he also has a great understanding of when the time is right to get things done. I look forward to seeing what he can accomplish if elected as Secretary of State.
—Former Sen. Tom Dempsey
Sen. Kraus has consistently shown an ability to find consensus and compromise, even on the toughest issues. He is not afraid to take on a difficult task, and I look forward to having him tackle some of the problems facing Missouri voters and businesses as Secretary of State.
—Sen. Ron Richard, President Pro Tem
Will has shown his dedication to service, first as a member of the military, then as an elected official. His focus on making it easier for military members to vote shows how he will lead if elected. I know he will serve Missourians well as the next Secretary of State.
—Sen. Doug Libla
Sen. Kraus has been an aggressive leader in the Senate on election issues. As Secretary of State he will focus on what is best for all Missouri voters while making sure local election officials have the tools they need to increase turnout.
— Rep. Tony Dugger
Sen. Kraus has proven himself to be a leader who brings interested parties together to find solutions for the problems facing our state. I look forward to having him as Secretary of State where he will work to protect Missouri voters and businesses with common sense reforms for elections and business regulations
— Sen. Brian Munzlinger
Sen. Kraus has consistently fought for the rights of businesses in Missouri, a crucial role the Secretary of State. He clearly understands that smaller government will lead to a stronger economy. He is the best person to help make Missouri more business friendly in 2016
— Former Sen. Brad Lager